CLC Mustangs


Tuition and fees are billed monthly from August through May. 

The fee schedule is as follows:

$159.00/month—first student in family

$105.00/month—second student in family

$75.00/month—third student in family


$70.00/month—each additional student

​If the first student in a family is preschool then the first student tuition is reduced to $81.00/month and if the first student is in Kindergarten then the first student fee is reduced to $98.50.     

Average curriculum expense ranges from $130-$200 per student, per year (K-4 curriculum is $50.00 per student, per year).

$18.00/month is charged to each family to cover costs of supplies and equipment. ​


Students who take part in Varsity and Junior High sports teams will be charged a fee of $45.00 per sport. Families are encouraged to sell banner ads to support the CLC Sports program. Families that sell 2 banner ads will not be charged the sports fee for their first student and one banner per kid after that. Families who sell two banners are given a family pass to home games. Participation in the Mid-States League events will not require a sports fee.